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Male Orgasm/urge to urinate

I am a 32 yr old male, and after sexual intercourse with my wife when I orgasm. I feel the urge to urinate while still envolved in the Sexual activity, although if I stop to go urinate I do not urinate. Is this a 2nd orgasm that feels different or is there a problem I should be looking into?
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I have no idea what's going on; indeed, no one can give you a definitive answer without a direct examination. I CAN guess though.

Realize that your bladder has an internal sphincter that closes as soon as you become sexually aroused. This prevents expelling urine during sex, because to do so would kill sperm. Pretty efficient, huh?

So you can't urinate when you're sexually aroused. However, you may be subjectively experiencing another sensation as the need to urinate. Some men confuse post-orgasmic arousal feelings as being ticklish, while others say it feels just like a full bladder. If your prostate is enlarged, this may also contribute.

If you wish to be on the safe side, you should see a urologist for an exam to determine if you have any medical conditions that are contributing to this sensation. Dr. J
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i am a 3 0 year old man i have just started to have sex 4 the first time the first time i had
problams Urinating during sex_ is it normal even when i use a comdom can you help me please
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