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Orgasm without clitorial stimulation

Hi, I am a 46 year old female, and for as long as I can remember, I can reach orgasm in all sorts of ways...having my hair brushed, during a massage, (back, neck, legs etc) with no contact whatsoever with  my vagina or clit?  These orgasm are differenct to ones reached during actual intercourse, not as intense, but just as enjoyable.  I have always wondered why this happens....I have had orgasm at the hairdressers numerous times....hopefully undetected!!   Has anyone else had this happen and any idea why it happens?
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Hi there.

Lucky you! Hundreds of women would love to trade places.  “Look ma, no hands” orgasms are actually quite common. For instance, lots of us have orgasms during sleep. Your brain is quite powerful, and many women find that they can have orgasms merely by “thinking off.” And if your PC muscle is in good shape, you may also be able to orgasm merely by contracting and then relaxing it. So don’t worry; just enjoy it. And the next time we see you wearing that silly smile…Dr. J
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