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Clear Liquid from penis

when im turned on or in the mood, after a short while, a clear, oil-like liquid comes from my penis. it only comes in small quantities, its more of annoyance then any thing else, because if i spend an evening with my girl friend, i cant wear light material trousers as it creates a wet patch on them.

ive had a look at what others have asked but i cant find any relevant.
what is it and what is its purpose, am i supposed to have it?

thanks for any advice.
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I can clear this up for you. During sexual arousal, the body goes through distinct phases of physiological change. As soon as you become aroused, if you’re male, blood flows to your penis, which results in erection.

Once arousal continues, a small internal sac, the Cowper’s Gland, sends a slippery fluid down the urethra and out the end of the penis to clean out any uric acid remaining from your last urination. Some people refer to this fluid as "pre-***." It's serves an important function because uric acid can kill sperm, so this is a biological adaptation to ensure reproduction. However, this fluid MAY contain sperm left over from your last ejaculation. That’s why the “withdrawal" method of birth control doesn’t work. In fact, I have a special name for people who use this method: Parents.

All men produce Cowper's Gland secretions when aroused--some in small amounts, and others in larger amounts. Everyone is different. If you want to return to wearing lighter trousers, you might investigate wearing heavier underpants to catch the secretion so it doesn't show on your trousers. Dr. J
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i had that as well, clear discharge. 14 months after my first and only sexual experience. doc said no to chlymadia and that "it can happen"

again that means nothing.. from what i was told could be an Std or your prostate.nothing serious if you get checked out asap
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