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External bump between right inner thigh and outside of vagina

I am a 21 year old female. I have had no sexual activity with anyone. I have, however, masturbated since I was a little girl. Although I have read over and over again that nothing will happen if you masturbate (and if anything it's good for you?) - I still tend to worry.

Here's my problem:

I have a bump on the outside of my vagina (where the pubic hair grows between right inner thigh). I had it checked out and my doctor said that it's probably ingrown hairs/sweat glands (because I told him sometimes the size changes). That was a few months ago - and after a while it eventually diminished/disappeared. Now, I have the same bump (it's been a month now since it's come back). It is tender, and uncomfortable. It hurts when I touch it. No hair is growing out of that area so it is probable that my doctor was right. Just yesterday, I squeezed it a little, and something that looked like dried skin came out of it. Today, there was something pink/stringy (it was tender when I touched it) coming out of it and it was bleeding. I DID find some hairs but when I tried to clean it up, I could get nothing else out of it.

1. Should I be concerned/what can I do about it?
2. Does masturbation fall under the category of being sexually active? I want to know if I should reply "yes" to the question 'are you sexually active?' when my doctor asks me.

Thanks for your time.
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When your doctor asks you if you are sexually active he is being a bit too coy for my taste. He means, are you having intercourse with anyone ( or have you had intercourse with anyone?)  Of course I am just guessing too- so why don't you ask him exactly what he DOES mean!! It's important to know...

  If you are not having intercourse with anyone, are you having any experience with oral sex, or being penetrated by a finger. Each of those ( including your own finger ) could pass on bacteria-- and that should be examined. There are a lot of vaginal diseases that are not sexually transmitted-- some come from outside others from hormonal imbalances..etc.  You do need a vaginal check up whether or not you are ' sexually active'.

  Masturbation is good for you in a number of ways- it teaches you about what pleases you, it is a release of tension, it feels good, etc.   But it is also a moist area that can easily promote a fungus or bacteria and since there are tender tissues, an ingrown hair could be quite uncomfortable.  If your doctor has looked at the areas have hiim or her look again to make sure their initial diagonosis is correct. You don't want to be guessing and worrying needlessly. It may have bled because you scratched the skin, or perhaps there is something else going on- such as a surface presentation of herpes which could be painful. If you have not had intercourse or oral sex the latter is very unlikely-- but have another examination.

   Bumps and hairs and all that stuff happens. I wouldn't panic. But I would go back fro another look. It won't be a waste of your time if nothing is wrong-- you will feel a lot more reassured--and that's worth a lot!
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Its wierd but I had that same exact bump in the same place and same symptoms twice and now its gone I was very worried it could have been something bad but I was told to soak in warm water with epsom salt for about 20 min and I did that for about a week and it worked what happend was after all the soaking a little hole formed in the bump and not to be gross but a lot of puss and blood was leaking out and allthough I saw no hair like I was told it could be a hair not being able to grow out the treatment worked and after all it started shrinking and hasnt came back so Im thinking maybe it was something else but the point is its gone, so maybe you should try it because I know how it feels (uncomfortable and painful) maybe it will help!!
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Thanks! I will def. try that out :)
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I also would put peroxide on the area so not infection starts.  I get "pimples" in that area for some reason???...and I try to keep it clean with peroxide on a cotton ball or I even use Rubbing alcohol which I also use on my pierced ears for infection. I just dont get it in the vagina area but keep on the outside only.
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Just a note.  I guess I dont agree with masterbating.  I have done that myself and never really felt "right" with it.  I just knew that it was wrong but it wasnt warning bells but inside I just didnt feel right.  Then I stopped.....I went with my instincts for a while just to see how I would feel and I realized that I was feeling guilty...when I stopped I had more of a "clear' conscience (sp?).  I dont kn ow if that fits with you are not but sometimes are inner being tells us something but we really dont know what it is....so keep reading your heart and see what it says.  This is not to condemn....as I said I did it for years.
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you need to see a doctor about that lump. It could be a cyst that needs to be removed.
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